19 Sept 2019

Activate and log in to a HighQ account

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This how-to guide explains how to activate a new account and log in to HighQ Collaborate on a regular basis.


Thomson Reuters or HighQ account

As of March 2023, all new instances use a Thomson Reuters account to provide enhanced account security and access to a range of Thomson Reuters tools; these accounts provide Customer Identity and Access Management. Instances created before this date require a HighQ account, as described below.

Responding to a site invitation

When you have an account created in Collaborate for the first time, you will receive an email invitation similar to the one above.

The email will have the branding of the firm or organisation managing that instance of Collaborate.

To accept the invitation and access the site, click Please click here to activate your account. Passwords will never be sent via email or otherwise.

Activating your account

After clicking on the link, the Set your password screen will be displayed in the browser.

On this screen, the user must:

  • Enter a new password and confirm the password
    • A password must contain at least eight characters. and include at least one number and one uppercase letter.
  • Agree to the terms of use

You can also choose to be remembered on this computer, which will remember your login and password.

Click Set password to set the password.

By default, passwords are not set to expire. However, each firm that licenses their own instance of Collaborate may choose to set a password expiration period (such as 90 or 180 days).  After that period of time, on the next login attempt, a user will be asked to change their password.

To request that a password expiration period be enabled on an instance of Collaborate, a firm's HighQ liaison should reach out to highq-support@thomsonreuters.com.

If you are invited to another site within this instance, you will be asked to log into the system directly, you do not need to activate your account again.

Edit profile

After activating a new account, the last step is to confirm your profile information. You are encouraged to complete your profile and to add a picture of yourself that will be displayed as an avatar in different parts of Collaborate:

You cannot change your organisation and your email address in your profile, but have permissions to change all other aspects of your profile.

Once all of the information has been entered, click Save to save the details.

Logging in

In the future, when you receive an invitation to another site or otherwise wish to access Collaborate, you will need to login, via the Please click here to login link in the invitation email. (The login page will have the branding of the firm or organisation managing that instance of Collaborate.) This assumes that you have not chosen to save your login credentials. In that case, you will automatically be logged in.

Some instances do not allow you to save your login credentials, so this option may not appear on all login pages.

By default the Remember me option will only work for 100 days, after which it must be reapplied and a firm may shorten or lengthen the default period before a remember me selection expires. 

A System Administrator can set up two factor authentication for some or all accounts that access a site. Instructions on logging in are here.

Resetting your password

If you cannot remember your password, you can click Reset your password to start the reset password process.

If you fail to login three times in a row, your account will be locked and you will not be able to login, even with your correct password.

You will receive a message after your third failed login attempt:

You have the option of resetting your password to unlock access to your account. If necessary, a system administrator can unlock a user's account that has been locked.


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