15 Sep 2019

Activity module overview

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The Activity module for a site contains up to four separate content areas:

  • In the middle, a list of recent site activity shown in reverse chronological order
  • On the left, a list of recent blog posts (if the Blog module has been enabled for that site) and the number of comments for each
  • On the upper right, a list of open tasks that you have access to (if the Tasks module has been enabled for that site)
  • On the lower right, a list of upcoming events (if the Events module has been enabled)

The Activity module for a site shows the same information that is displayed on the Dashboard, except that the information is limited to the current site. Otherwise, the same type of Recent Activity, Tasks and Events will be displayed and those sections work in the same manner.

As always, you will only see the content you have permission to see.

If enterprise microblogging has been enabled for the site, then the microblog post form will appear at the top of the activity stream and the default recipient of the post will be the site itself.

A site administrator determines whether or not to enable the Activity module for a site but even then, a site administrator may determine not to allow all users to access the Activity module. In addition, if a site administrator chooses to disable Recent Activity for the site, then the main section of the Activity module will be empty except for any microblogging posts added to the site.

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