14 Jun 2019

Change a password in Collaborate

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Resetting your password

When logged out

After clicking Reset your password, you will be directed to the Reset password screen:

You will be asked to:

  • Enter your email address
  • Prove you are not a robot

Once the details have been entered, click Reset password. The following confirmation screen will be displayed:

Click Back to login page to return to the login page, and check your emails for your reset password email.

As long as you entered the correct email address, you will receive the following email:

Click please click here to display the Set your password page again. Now enter your new password, confirm the password, agree to the terms of use and click Set password. Your new password will now be set and you will be redirected to the Edit profile page.

Requesting a new password does not by itself reset your password. If a user did not request a password reset and they receive a password reset email, they can ignore the email and their password will remain unchanged. Only after clicking on the link in the reset-password email and entering a new password will the user's password be reset.

Reset password links in emails triggered expire after 60 minutes. This timeframe is configurable upon request to HighQ Support. If the link is not used within this timeframe, then the user will have to request a new reset password email.

When logged in

You can also reset your password when you are logged in. To do this, click your profile picture in the top right hand of the screen, and navigate to Settings:

In the General section, click Change:

The Change password screen will be displayed:

Enter your old details and new password twice and click Save to save your new password.

Password rules

Passwords must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least:

  • one uppercase letter
  • one lowercase letter
  • a number
  • one special character
    • There is no restriction on which special characters may be used

A new password cannot be the same as any of the user's five previous passwords and a message to that effect will be shown if a previous password is attempted:

Resetting another user's password

As a convenience, a site administrator or member administrator can initiate a password reset for any user in one of their sites, described here.

For the member administrator, this applies only to the users the member administrator has added to the site. Such action will only trigger the sending of the password reset email, which the recipient is free to ignore. That will not, by itself, cause the user's password to be reset.

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