17 Jul 2019

Dashboard overview in Collaborate

The Dashboard provides a central landing page where a user can navigate to content areas and get up to speed on recent site activity. Users with access to more than one site will see the Dashboard when they login, whereas a user with access to only one site will automatically be taken to that site's landing page when they login, unless a System Notice has been added to the instance. In addition, based on how that instance of Collaborate has been configured, the user may not be given access to the Dashboard.

As of our April release, we have introduced customisable system dashboards. This will enable our users to create and edit system dashboards within Collaborate.

To get started, click here for more information on actually creating the dashboards and setting up permissioning.

Versions of Dashboard

Consistent with Collaborate's mobile responsive design, there are different versions of the Dashboard for different types and sizes of devices.

Desktop and Tablet (Landscape) Version

The Dashboard contains (each labelled):

The activity shown in the Recent Activity pane will not be updated unless the Dashboard is refreshed.

  • The user's open Tasks
  • The user's upcoming Events
  • A list of Files you have received or shared

The information displayed comes from every site available to the user.

Tablet (Portrait) Version 

On a tablet using portrait mode, the Dashboard shows only the Recent Activity section and a truncated version of the Top Navigation Bar:

Smartphone Version

The smartphone version (like on an iPhone or Android phone) shows a truncated version of the Top Navigation Bar and the Activity Stream. To access the options menu, users can tap the icon.

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