14 Sept 2019

Introduction to iSheets

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What are iSheets?

iSheets is a powerful module that stores structured data. Each iSheet is a powerful spreadsheet-like database that allows you to share, collaborate on and track dynamic data. It can integrate with existing processes with quick and easy import and export to Excel.

The iSheets module provides tools to handle many common tasks, such as advanced transaction management, real estate portfolio management, monitoring trading positions, employment hubs, insurance claims tracking solutions, out-of-office and expense solutions, and much more.

  • Spreadsheet collaboration - Multiple users can view and edit iSheets simultaneously, meaning you will always have access to the most recent version, without the need for email distribution and complicated version control.
  • Flexible data - Define specific column types for your data collection needs, including single or multiple text lines, choice fields, calculation columns, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-downs, numbers, dates, document links, attachments, user lookups, joins to other iSheets, images and more.
  • Column condition filters - Set columns to appear only if certain conditions are met on preceding columns. 
  • Custom views - Administrators can manipulate the data and set up views of an iSheet to show or hide particular columns or data by using powerful combinations of conditions, rules and boolean logic.
  • Data collection and reporting - Bulk import and export data sets to and from Excel for offline manipulation or updating. Create custom email alerts based on certain criteria in an iSheet. (Import requires an iSheet template.)
  • Integration with documents - Capture custom document or folder metadata for display and edit in the files module or build an iSheet with links to documents and folders.
  • Permissions - Control who has access to views, columns or records in an iSheet.
  • Versioning and audit history - Compare different versions of an iSheet row and review who has viewed or edited it.
  • Set email alerts - Create custom email alerts based on certain criteria in an iSheet.

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