25 Jun 2019

Using the top navigation bar

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The Top Navigation Bar is displayed at the top of every page of Collaborate, on any device.

The Top Navigation Bar is condensed on smartphones. For example, on a desktop computer the Top Navigation Bar looks like this:

On a smartphone, click the menu icon to see options:

Top navigation bar features

The Top Navigation Bar acts as a central hub where you can perform various actions, without needing to return to the Dashboard. The Top Navigation Bar has the following features:

Not all instances of Collaborate have all of these features enabled.

Dashboard access

On a desktop computer or tablet, click the Dashboard button on the upper left-hand corner of a page to access the Dashboard.

On a smartphone, click the top-left HighQ icon to navigate back to the dashboard:

Site navigation

Site navigation, via the Top Navigation Bar and otherwise, is descibed here. You can access any site you have been invited to from the Top Navigation Bar, without needing to return to the Dashboard.

Universal search

The Top Navigation Bar provides gives a user the ability to perform a search against any content in any site that the user has access to.

iSheet content must be searched separately.

Like all other features within Collaborate, the search function respects security and only returns content that the user has access to.

In the middle of the Top Navigation Bar, on desktop computer and tablet devices, is the following search form:

Which, when clicked, displays the search bar and a menu:

Search box and autosuggest

The search box employs the same autosuggest capabilities found within Collaborate. Start entering text and any matching content (matched from the beginning of a word) will be listed below, with the matching characters highlighted:

The results returned by the autosuggest feature are limited as follows:

  • The autosuggest only returns content in the following categories: people, sites and content that the user has favourited
  • The autosuggest only matches against the name or title of such content, like the name of a person, the title of a file, etc. It will not perform a full-text search of all content. (That can be done by pressing Enter after typing in the search terms.)
  • Only four results are returned per category. If an expected result is not shown, continue typing to narrow down the results further or perform a full-text search

Filter menu

Use the Filter menu to filter the autosuggest results to one of the following content categories:

  • Site
  • Content Type
  • File Type
  • Modified Date
  • Author
  • Tags

Or click Advanced Search to navigate directly to the Advanced Search page.

Full-text search

To perform a full text search on all of the content in Collaborate that a user has access to, type in the search criteria and press Enter. The results will be shown on a new search results page.

Smartphone search

As there is restricted space on a smartphone, the only search option is to perform a full-text search. To perform a search, use the options icon on the top right to access the search field, enter the search terms in the Search field and press Go.

The results will be displayed in the Search Results screen.

Profile menu

On the righthand side of the Top Navigation Bar is the Profile Menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the button that contains the user's image:

Revealing the Profile Menu options:

The options available may vary based on the user's system rights.

Each of the options available within this menu is described in more detail on other pages, one of which is to configure the notifications a user will receive either via email or online and to access the user's Profile. The Profile menu also provides access to the Collaborate Knowledge Base (via Help) and provides the user with the ability to log out.

Next to the Profile Menu button within the Top Navigation Bar are the following options:


Click this button to reveal the user's six most recent notifications; described here.

Private messages

Private messages are similar to emails and instant messages. They are a quick and easy way to send a message to one or more users, who will be the only ones capable of viewing and responding to the message.

Assuming the feature has been enabled on the instance of Collaborate being accessed, next to the Notifications button is the Private Message button. Click the button to reveal the list of recent private messages (both sent and received), described here.

Favourites and recent items

Collaborate makes it easy to tag almost any piece of content as a favourite and even easier to view your favourited pieces. To do so, click Favourites located within the Top Navigation Bar to reveal the list of favourites, as described here.

The optional global navigation bar

The optional global navigation bar can be used to create links that are visible across sites on your instance. A system admin can add and edit links.

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