17 Jul 2019

User profile in Collaborate

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The user profile contains information about each user.

Certain features may be missing if their settings have been disabled within the applicable instance of Collaborate.

Many profile sections can be accessed directly from the profile Menu or from links elsewhere in Collaborate.

Accessing the user profile

A user can access their own profile from the profile Menu on the Top navigation bar of any page via their image and clicking My profile.

To access another user's profile, click their name anywhere in Collaborate and then click their name again:

Or by searching for the user from the Top Navigation Bar, subject to profile access rules.

Only a user (or System Administrator) may edit his or her own profile, however, most sections of the user profile are available for other users to see. Also, only a user may access their own My Files and Favourites sections.

This is an example of viewing another user's completed profile page:

Details of the 5 highlighted areas:

  1. Basic biographical information about the user, such as name, title, company and contact information
  2. Actions that can be taken, e.g. following the user or sending a direct message
  3. The user's recent activity is displayed. This section will respect security ensuring another user will only see the activity they have access to
  4. The tabs on the left provide access to other sections of the user's profile
  5. The tag cloud show tags entered by the user for different content throughout Collaborate

To view more biographical information about the user, navigate to More Information > See more... to display the full profile, including the user's prior experience.

Editing the profile

Only a user or system administrator may edit their own profile via Edit profile, in the upper right corner of the page to display the profile form in two sections: Edit profile and About me.

Edit profile

About me

A System Administrator may edit the profile of any user but a Site Admin cannot edit any user profile - other than their own.

It is also possible to identify other users that share the same speciality by clicking on a speciality within a user's profile and clicking on a speciality to run a search against all other users (who the current user has access to) with the same specialities:

Adding an Image

Most importantly, a user should upload an image of themselves, which will be used as an avatar throughout Collaborate. Any image too large will be cropped, with the user given the option to select the cropped area.

Email Address

For security purposes, a user is restricted from making certain changes to their own email address.


In addition to updating the main profile page, a user can add information about their prior work experience. Click Add within the About Me section:

And existing experience can be edited or deleted.

User Actions

When viewing another user's profile, the follow options are available in the top right of the screen:

This makes it possible to quickly follow another user (or stop following them).

Clicking Send Message allows a user to create a direct message with the user's name pre-populated in the Recipients field:

Content Sections

In addition to biographical information, the profile contains several content sections:


The summary section gives the user a breakdown of who the user is, a bit of their Bio, their contact details and displays their recent activity within the Recent Activity stream:

Full profile

Clicking Full profile allows the user to see the rest of the person's profile. E.g. Which sites they are a member of, blog links and links to social media.


These two sections list all of the users who are following a given user, and all of the users the given user is following:

These pages also makes it easy to start (or stop) following another user who is already following the first user.

The Followers and Following sections in one user's profile can be accessed by other users but the other users would only see the followers they have access to see.

Shared Images

The Recent Images section lists all of the images that the user has shared:

Other users will have access to this section, but can only see images that were added to group messages that those users have access to.

Images, once added, cannot be deleted individually, but if the related group message is deleted, the image will be deleted as well. If there is an issue with an image, it will be displayed as above.

Tag Cloud

Within a user's profile is the user's tag cloud.

The tag cloud shows tags entered by the user in any site (or other content area) in Collaborate. When other users access a first user's profile, their access to the tags listed will be security constrained.

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