29 Jul 2019

Enable Office Online

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The Office online integration has been developed to provide a comprehensive, native and seamless experience, allowing you to add, view and collaboratively edit Microsoft Office documents online.

HighQ must activate this feature at the instance level, please contact HighQ support. You also need a valid Microsoft office online account to use this feature.

Enabling office online at system level

Once HighQ support has activated this feature at the instance level, it must be enabled at system level by a system administrator.  As a system administrator, navigate to your drop down menu > System admin. The system admin screen is displayed. Within the System admin screen, navigate to System settings > Open in office online:

And ensure that the drop down is set to On.

Click Save to save your changes. Office online is now enable at system level.

Enabling office online on a site

To enable Open in Office Online in a site, either you or a site admin must navigate to site Admin > Files and select the Enable Open in Office Online checkbox:

Click Save to save your changes. Open in Office Online is now enabled for your site.

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