18 Aug 2020

Version 5.4 release notes

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Please carefully read through these combined release notes for Collaborate and Publisher and be sure to test out the new features in the sandbox environment, when it's made available in the next few weeks. You're also invited to watch the on-demand webinar, What's new in HighQ 5.4, to see a live demonstration of the new features and capabilities.

We've been experimenting with the layout of our release notes and would love to hear your feedback. Click here to let us know what you think and share any suggestions or thoughts. Thank you. 

Detailed release notes and other changes

These tags can help you find changes that are relevant to your user type:
  • Users - Changes that are visible and will affect users
  • Site admin - Changes that affect the configuration of sites
  • System admin - Changes that affect the configuration of the system
  • Integration - Changes to the system due to an integration with another Thomson Reuters product that you may have to pay for
  • On request - Beta features that have to be switched on or enabled by our support team





  • You can now link sub-tasks to a task: USERS
  • You can add multiple sub-tasks to a task; easily define status, dates, priority and the assignee for each sub-task USERS
  • You can quickly add, view, and manage parent and child tasks from the Card or List views in the Tasks module USERS
  • Sub-tasks are included in a task summary when it is exported to PDF or printed USERS

Many other improvements to the Task module apply to both tasks, sub-tasks or both:

  • It is now possible to see the progress, number of attachments and comments for a task in Timeline view USERS
  • There have been many improvements to the Tasks interface, for example, the ability to see the assignee's avatar in task windows and lists USERS
  • The task, attachment and comment icons in the header now provide links to the relevant section in the tasks window. If the task contains any sub-tasks, the task icon shows how many sub-tasks are linked USERS
  • The Dashboard Tasks panel includes the status of both tasks and sub-tasks USERS
  • You can now turn off notifications for tasks and sub-tasks, based on user preferences or as a Tasks module setting SITE ADMIN
  • Navigation in the Timeline view is has been enhanced with horizontal scrolling USERS
  • Many visual design improvements to provide a cleaner and more efficient interface USERS

Data visualisation


AI Hub

Contract Express



  • We have improved typical search performances so searches complete in one third of the time. Please note that performance improvements can differ, depending on the content and search USERS


As part of 5.4, we have introduced of 4 new languages to both Collaborate and Publisher. These include Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French Canadian and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • For more information on changing your language within Collaborate, click here
  • For more information on changing your language within Publisher, click here.

Applications released with Collaborate 5.4

HighQ Drive for iOS and Android

For versions 5.4.0 and higher:

Apps and Plugins

Delivered since 5.3.0

Below is a list of enhancements, fixes or features that have been delivered since the 5.3.0 release:

  • Email: The ability to include a user's first name and last name when using email correspondence 
  • Workflow: If a rule trigger is set to 'an iSheet is updated', the first column operator will now default to 'Changes to', to avoid infinite loops
  • Workflow: We will now show a warning if a user pastes variables into the contents field
  • Document Bundling: The Include document index check-box will be automatically checked when a user selects the include metadata checkbox
  • Files: If inheritance is broken when a user changes the permissions of an individual group, a warning message is now displayed
  • Files: The ability to pass the file size to the application whilst the file is being uploaded
  • Files: Ability to check upload status while the file is uploaded using API
  • Files: We have deprecated the legacy flash-based file viewer
  • iSheet: Ability to hide view filter and draft items in site meta-data iSheet
  • iSheet: Ability to get iSheet record based on date and time
  • Search: The ability to display results to a user even when a minimum of 3 characters are entered into the search bar
  • Terms of Use: "Terms of use" will be blank for all new instances created
  • Site admin: We have introduced the ability to support multiple matter numbers for a particular site
  • Site admin: The Site name will now appear in the browser title

Further reading and videos

For further information, you can also view our 5.4 videos in the knowledge centre. If you have any questions regarding the new release or your planned update to the new version, please contact the HighQ Support Team.


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