31 Jul 2019

Edit documents with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) in Files

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Google Workspace (formerly 'G Suite') integration will allow files module users to work collaboratively work using online tools. There are multiple ways to return online documents to document storage.

Google Workspace integrations uses Google Drive as a temporary storage location. 

A user can start editing a document using Workspace without any office tools installed on their device. Users have the option to create new office documents using Workspace integration or they can edit existing documents in the file module. Other users can join the editing session and once users have completed working on the document a new version is created in the files module, containing the edits from all users. 

Users must have edit rights in the Files module in order to make changes with Workspace integration. 

Users should go to Files and select the file that they want to work on. Click More Actions and choose the Open in Google Docs option.

Google Docs will open. If you are not logged in you must do so to edit a document. Other users can join the editing session to co-author the document. You can see all users in the editing session in the top right of the screen.

Microsoft Office formatting and macros are not supported in Google office suite. 

The document is auto-saved continuously on Google Drive.  

If the document name is changed in Collaborate while editing in Workspace it will update in both places. However, this is not the case when using Office Online. 

If users do not close the browser the system automatically saves a copy after one hour of inactivity. This default time can be changed.

When the last user finishes editing and closes the web browser, a copy is created in the Files list. All combined changes are shown in this file. 

Use More Actions in the document preview screen to make further changes. 

View the audit history of the file to show Google updates, along with version information. 

You can also add Workspace files to the Collaborate platform in the Files menu. Click New and Google options are available at the bottom of the list. 

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