17 Jul 2019

Require recipients of shared files to register

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It is possible to require that every recipient of a shared file be a registered user of Collaborate. That can either be a person who has a full system account, or a user who has registered merely to receive shared files. Users without a full system account are referred to as "self-registered" users.

If the Recipients must be registered to access link option is selected when a file is shared, then any recipient who does not have a Collaborate account (either a full system account or self-registered account) will be required to register.

Registration steps

First, the intended recipient will receive the regular sharing email, like:

Second, when the recipient clicks on the link in that email to download the file, a page will open where the recipient must enter the email address to which that email was just sent:

Third, after entering the correct email address and clicking Verify email address, the recipient will see a confirmation screen:

and then the user will receive another email, like this:

Finally, after the user clicks on the link in that email, they will be asked to create their password:

Once that occurs, the user will be taken to the regular download or view page to access the file:

Registered Recipient's My Files

The self-registered recipient can click on the See all of your received items link to view all of the items they have received for that instance of Collaborate and download or view those items, as appropriate:

They can also choose to delete any of the received items by clicking on the button to the right of each file.

In addition, a registered recipient can click Send a file... to share files with any full Collaborate user who had previously shared a file with them. This opens the standard Share a file dialog.

A registered user can only share files with Collaborate users who had previously shared a file with them, and also only if all system users have been given access to My Files sharing. 

The ON for all system users option in Enable My files sharing is not available by default. If you need to share file with external users please contact HighQ Support.

Any items that have been shared by the registered recipient can be viewed in the Shared items page, accessible from their My files.

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