16 Oct 2019

Create a site from a template

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The Add site option is located at the top of the list of Sites:

This enables you to create a new site using the selected template.

Within the Create site from template screen, you will have access to the following fields:

Consider adding the templates to a category to enable you to find and organise your templates. Click Add to add a new category.

  • Name - The name of the new site
  • Template - This is the template you are using to create your new site
  • Description - This is a description of the site
  • Modules - This dropdown contains a predefined selection of the modules within the template. You cannot edit this selection during this process, but modules can be edited once the site is created.
  • Landing page - Select which page you want the site to load first
  • Start date - The start date can be used to track when a site was actually put in use
  • End date - The end date can be used to track when a site is considered to be no longer in use
  • Client number - If you always intend to use the site for the same client, consider entering the client's number
  • Matter number - If you always intend to use the site for the same matter, consider entering the matter number
  • Category - You can assign categories that may be used to sort and search your saved templates. Click Add new to add a new category
  • Logo - Consider adding a logo if you want to brand this template for use with the same client
  • Admin notes - Add any notes for admin users 

Click Save to create the new site from the template. The following screen will be displayed:

Either click Close or wait for the screen to close. The site will now be created. 

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