29 Jul 2019

My Site module - My files

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"My files" is a simplified version of the Files module within your My Site

Comparison with the Files module

My files:

Some standard Files module features are not available in My files:

  1. There is no Inbox feature
  2. Only the List View is shown
  3. There is no way to configure My files
  4. It is not possible to Like files

In addition, some file and folder actions are not available in My files, including:

  • Check In/Check Out
  • Add comments
  • Copy links
  • Share via email
  • Add tasks
  • Who's Reviewed

With file sharing enabled, My files has additional features. Including:

  1. The Received Items tab and Shared Items tab
  2. An indicator of the storage used compared to your storage quota
  3. Items that are being shared show up with a Shared flag and items that have been shared at any time include a Shared info action

Shared and received items

Within My files you have access to the Shared items and Received items tabs, which allows you to view all items that you have shared, and all items that you have received. 

Password-protected files

A password tag is shown by files sent to you that require a password. 

When you try to view or download these files, a message will confirm that the file is password protected. The password should have been sent via a different route, so enter this and the document will open. If you do not have the password you should contact the sender to ask them to share the password with you so you can open the file. 

If you try to open more than one file and one or more of these are password protected a message will ask you to download the protected files one at a time.

If you have already entered the password, the file will open - the password is only required the first time a file is accessed. 

Deleted items

When files and folders are deleted, they are moved to "Deleted Items".

Deleted Items is only displayed if there are files or folders that have been provisionally but not permanently deleted from a site. 

Permanently deleting items

To permanently delete files and folders, select the checkboxes next to the appropriate items in Deleted Items. Click the Delete items button, then click OK. at the top.

The selected items will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Restoring Items

Select the items to restore then click the Restore button. Navigate to and select the folder where the selected items should be restored. Click Restore. The selected items will be removed from Deleted Items and added to the selected location.

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